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Chrissy Pollithy
Candidate for the World Scout Committee

Candidate announcement

The next decade of growth and impact for Scouting

“After serving on the World Scout Committee 2021-2024, I am honored to accept the German Guide and Scout Federation’s nomination as candidate for re-election to the World Scout Committee 2024-2027.

The launch of the next Strategy for Scouting at the World Scout Conference in Egypt marks a critical crossroads for World Scouting. Implementing it well will ensure that National Scout Organizations of all sizes and the global Scout Movement thrive in the coming decade, serving the next generation of young people.

With 15 years in Scouting leadership, a background in organizational transformation, and a track record of driving change where it’s most needed, I’m committed to future-proofing World Scouting. I offer my expertise to ensure all young people benefit from an inclusive, welcoming, and safety-focused Scout Movement.”


Chrissy is committed to powering quality Scouting for every young person, everywhere.

“The world around us is changing fast and so are the realities of young people and the National Scout Organizations serving them. I have witnessed, in myself and in millions of young people around the world, the life-changing learning opportunities Scouting brings to cities and villages in every corner of the earth.

Young people deserve a Scouting program which, rooted in our shared values and history, evolves to meet the challenges of a new generation. They are our best bet to tackle some of humanity’s biggest global challenges like sustainable living and global inequalities, and Scouting helps them shape the lives they can lead.

The World Scout Conference entrusted me in 2021 to help steward World Scouting, and together we have achieved a lot: from a full membership recovery after the pandemic to shaping a World Scouting organization that supports all its members.

My motivation to continue to serve the world’s leading youth movement on the World Scout Committee remains simple: I want to ensure that Scouting remains a relevant space for young people to become fulfilled active citizens who contribute to positive change in themselves, their communities and the world. To achieve this, I want to keep dedicating my experience and expertise on the World Scout Committee so World Scouting’s board focuses on supporting National Scout Organizations in entering the next decade of growth and impact.”

Key priorities

Charting a new adventure for World Scouting

National Scout Organizations are the beating heart of the Movement. Having supervised the successful conclusion of Vision 2023 in her role on the World Scout Committee, Chrissy has seen first-hand the difference a robust support system – e.g. in the shape of WOSM Consultants or toolkits – can make for NSOs in achieving our common goals. As part of the next Strategy for Scouting and our new vision, Chrissy strongly believes the World Scout Committee needs to focus on supporting National Scout Organizations:

in evolving our educational core and volunteering practices so Scouting remains a relevant space for young people and the adults serving them.
in reaching new communities and providing every young person, everywhere with the opportunity to join Scouting.
in providing a safe environment for Scouting adventures so every parent feels comfortable entrusting Scouting with their child.

Beyond supporting Member Organizations, WOSM needs to lead by example: strong good governance practices, financial sustainability, and a sharpened image of Scouting as a force for good. The past triennium has laid a solid foundation for these dimensions, and Chrissy is committed to bringing renewed energy and vigor in their implementation.

WHAT Chrissy brings to the table


Scouting has given Chrissy an understanding of the world as it is and as it could be. She has taken this knowledge and transformed it into action to contribute to some of the most urgent challenges of our time: providing life-changing educational experiences for young people everywhere in Scouting, and providing social equity through financial inclusion in her professional life.

She has served on the 2021-2024 World Scout Committee and has significantly contributed to strategic progress for Scouting worldwide.

Strategic leadership

As an experienced Scout and business leader in transformation management at local, national, regional and global level, Chrissy offers a creative, strategic-conceptual mindset and a pragmatic, service-oriented approach to shaping progress.

Getting things done

With over 15 years of service in Scouting leadership positions, Chrissy has a proven track record in supporting National Scout Organizations, advancing Scouting’s strategic approaches, governance, communication and strategic partnerships.

Engaging approaches

With a wide global network that spans National Scout Organizations in all Regions and Scout leaders of all ages, Chrissy builds safe, values-based spaces for collaboration in which diverse perspectives – age, Scouting background, gender and more – can shape the future of World Scouting.



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